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Meet the pillars of compassionate and quality care.

Mr. Colclough is a retired chef and law enforcement lieutenant, and Mrs. Colclough has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, completing her education at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. They have been married for over twenty-five years and have a beautiful family.

She and her husband established A TREASURED LIVING because of a genuine concern for the growing needs of the elderly and disadvantaged. They are dedicated to serving the community and providing clients with safe, flexible, and affordable in-home care services.

Whether recovering from a procedure, injury, or illness, with a disability or senior needing support, a devoted team is here to support and help you live independently according to your healthcare needs.

The passion for caring and nurturing our clients drives us to cultivate the same culture of home care staff: to be enthusiastic caregivers who are devoted, trustworthy, and passionate about serving you or your loved one.

With a wealth of experience and background as a registered nurse, health insurance case manager, and nursing professor, I’ve found that providing professional in-home care services is the best way to help and empower people to thrive and live their healthiest lives.


Through countless encounters, we’ve felt the pressing need to help clients function safely at home, so we heeded the call to action to advocate and empower families by providing caregiver services and sharing healthcare resources to navigate the healthcare system.


Experience a new level of home care with us, where your comfort and well-being take center stage. Reach out to us now and explore our services, all aimed at fostering your independence and boosting your life’s quality right at home.